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Breast Augmentation – Silicone Facts

Breast augmentation is the most talked about cosmetic surgery with everyone needing a perfect sculpt for their body assets. But in this race of getting the ideal body and looking good, before opting for a breast enhancement or augmentation surgery, one has to get their facts right.


Silicon implants would be the first things that come to mind when breast augmentation is talked about. When they are to be utilized in the surgery one needs to bear in mind about its facts. There have now been cases where some implants seem difficult but massages are extremely important in this instance. The silicon implants are controversial because the escapes from the implants could cause autoimmune disease or cancer. Nevertheless, the new products are accepted by FDA because of its safety. But nonetheless you can find frequent complications pain scarring and disease, hardening of the skin around implants that are lopsided, wrinkled, ruptured or implant.

There are many instances in which people need to do additional operations or remove their implants within a decade of the implant. There have been cases where implants get ruptured and burst. MRIs can show busted implants and it calls for immediate removal.

In one case, silicones were planted following a double mastectomy as well as the patient suffered from fever, pneumonia, breathing difficulties and chest pain. CT scan demonstrated doctors and no issues assured it was not due to implants. However, biopsy and the MRI revealed a flow in implants and silicone was found in the lymph nodes and lungs which resulted into handicap and lung transplant. And so the FDA now suggests MRI every few years for girls with silicon implants

But though the silicones are not dangerous, they are prone to fail with age. The danger stays, all the same although it is said the rate of complication could be minimized by selecting a skilled surgeon. The complications for silicone and saline implants will be the same and additional surgeries have become much potential. The youthful breast implants do not last forever and they may leak and rupture so a re- operation could be needed once in a very long time.


One should consider every one of these facts before getting a breast augmentation surgery, for healthy living and security.